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With a current BR and AVC alumni base of over 2,000, which continues to grow by 200+ annually, investing in our participants’ next steps is key to achieving our long-term vision of true engagement. That’s why over the years we’ve funded 30+ “Next Step” alumni grants to further support the impact and echo our alumni make across the globe and in Armenia – and strengthen their leadership skills and confidence that they can make a difference.

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Grant Process Overview:
All grants are selected and administered directly by the Hovnanian Foundation. They are reviewed at the end of each quarter. By having a strong understanding of the grant process we have designed, your chances of submitting a successful application will be optimized. Therefore, please read carefully the details below to better understand the eligibility criteria, restrictions, timeframes and deadlines, and grant review considerations. The grants are competitive, with numbers of grants being awarded in each calendar year. Prior to submitting your grant request, should you have questions at any time while preparing your proposal, we encourage you to reach out to the Birthright Armenia Alumni Program Coordinator for guidance and assistance by emailing

Eligibility Criteria:
Projects should have a direct benefit in Armenia and must include at least one implementing partner on the ground in Armenia, as local partners are key to successful outcomes. Implementing partners must be a non-profit organization registered in Armenia. For more information, please visit https://www. 

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