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20 Nov, 2023

Aram Kosyan: A Journey of Dedication to Armenia's Future

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Armenia, a land rich in history, culture, and resilience, has always held a special place in the hearts of Armenians worldwide. For Aram Kosyan, his connection to Armenia was not merely a sentimental one; it was a driving force that led him to participate in the Birthright Armenia program in 2021. He was convinced his efforts should be directed towards supporting Armenia, especially during its challenging times.

A Personal Connection to Armenia

Aram’s journey with Birthright Armenia not only solidified his bond with his homeland but also inspired him to embark on a mission to make Armenia a cleaner and more sustainable place.

His story began with a deep-rooted dream of returning to his homeland. "I knew that I couldn't peacefully exist beyond the borders of this remarkable country,” he explains. From a young age, Aram felt a strong connection to Armenia. At 15, he knew his life's purpose was to support his homeland. However, life took unexpected turns, including knee surgery, which delayed his plans. But Aram's determination remained unshaken. He didn’t give up, and after a successful recovery, he applied for an internship at Birthright Armenia in 2021.

With a background in computer science, Aram worked as a mobile developer in Armenia. During his internship, Aram not only honed his computer science skills but also actively immersed himself in Armenian culture. He learned the Armenian language, explored the country through excursions, and joined Metsn Tigran, a volunteer battalion that imparted military skills and modern technologies like drones.

Beyond Returning, Making a Real Impact

One of the standout moments of Aram's journey with Birthright Armenia was his commitment to addressing Armenia's litter problem. He organized clean-up events and became a part of the Clean Games movement, which aimed to instill a culture of cleanliness and environmental consciousness in the country. This initiative inspired Aram to start his own project, Ecodozor Armenia. "My goal is not just to return to Armenia but to make a real impact on my native land," Aram says. "Armenia is a blank canvas where each of us can write our own story, shape what we want for ourselves and for all."

Ecodozor Armenia was born out of a desire to combat environmental challenges in Armenia. Its primary mission is to create a cleaner, more sustainable Armenia for present and future generations. Aram's dedication to this cause led to the establishment of a playground in the impoverished village of Tsovnar and the initiation of a beekeeping education project in bordering villages. Additionally, through the ASAINCH project on Instagram, Aram and his team tackled pressing issues such as water quality and improved mobility for disabled citizens in Armenia.

Aram's vision for Armenia goes beyond just returning to his homeland; it's about making a real impact. "Our actions, efforts, and dedication – that's what makes our story real, not just words and toasts," he emphasizes. Aram takes immense pride in being part of the movement to make Armenia a better place, inviting others to join in their shared endeavor.

Inspiring Others Towards Armenia's Sustainable Future

As Aram Kosyan's journey with Birthright Armenia shows, the program provides a unique platform for Armenians in the diaspora to connect with their roots, contribute to Armenia's development, and make a meaningful impact.

If you're interested in supporting or getting involved with projects like Ecodozor Armenia or exploring opportunities with Birthright Armenia, Aram's story is an inspiring example of how you can make a difference and be a part of Armenia's journey toward a cleaner and more sustainable future.



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