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Anna Galstyan
Russia participant
16 Jul, 2021

How Anna Galstyan decided to come to Armenia and volunteer

3 min read

24-year-old Anna Galstyan has been in Armenia for 3 months and is engaged in volunteering. She came to her homeland from the Russian city of Arkhangelsk. Anna graduated from university there and is a translator by profession. Anna has always had a desire to come to her homeland and get to know more about Armenian life from within and the existing opportunities of the country.

"I’ve been to Armenia a lot, but this time I decided to come alone because I wanted to understand whether I can live alone in my homeland. My searches on the Internet have finally given a result. I found an organization that allows our compatriots from the Diaspora to come to Armenia, invest their experience in favor of Armenia, and also gain experience. Birthright Armenia volunteer organization helped me on this path," tells Anna

Why is she in Armenia?

Anna had several reasons to come to Armenia as a volunteer. First of all, she didn’t want to come as a tourist but wanted to do something new. The second reason was that she wanted to meet new friends. Anna applied to Birthright Armenia, which helped her find the right direction.

My parents didn’t want me to come to Armenia all alone, but when they heard that I dreamed of coming and volunteering to help our compatriots, they let me come. I live here alone and take care of myself. I think this is also an interesting experience. To come to Armenia as a volunteer, you had to fulfill certain criteria; I successfully fulfilled them and became one of the volunteers of Birthright Armenia,” mentioned Anna.

It was 4 years ago that Anna visited Armenia for the last time, and now, when she is here again, she tries to adapt to the new environment for entirely different goals.

What's next?

My day is more interesting, full, I made many new friends among volunteers and within the work environment,” tells Anna. “I can read Armenian, but can’t write. I think I can learn to write during this period because it is important fоr me that every Armenian knows his or her mother language, can speak and write in that language,” added Anna. She decided to stay in Armenia for some time. Anna has a great desire to eventually settle in Armenia. This is a decisive period in Anna’s life.

Article and photo by Hayern Aysor


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