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31 Oct, 2023

Feeling Anxious About Birthright Armenia? Discover How Others Overcame Their Worries!

2 min read

Are you dreaming of exploring the rich culture and heritage of Armenia? Do you want to give back to your ancestral homeland while immersing yourself in its traditions and history? If so, Birthright Armenia is the program for you. Yet, like any big adventure, the thought of diving into this unique opportunity can be accompanied by doubts, worries, and concerns.

But fear not! We are here to tell you why you shouldn't fret about applying to the Birthright Armenia program. Meet these Birthright Armenia participants who had doubts but ultimately discovered the program's transformative power, addressing their fears and paving the way for unforgettable experiences.

Mher (United States)

Mher, a young Armenian from the States, had never lived away from home and was anxious about networking in Armenia. Birthright Armenia provided him with crucial support, helping him expand his network and form lasting connections.

Vincent (France) and Anna (Russia)

Vincent, from France, and Anna, from Russia, independently faced language barriers–they didn't speak Armenian. However, they both found solace in Birthright Armenia's language classes. With determination and program support, language need not be a hindrance.

Gabriel (Canada)

Gabriel from Canada had safety concerns, but Birthright Armenia prioritizes safety and offers guidance through mentors and fellow volunteers, making Armenia a welcoming and secure destination.

Anna (UK)

Anna, a UK participant, confronted her fear of stepping out of her comfort zone. Her experience showed that embracing the unknown is integral to Birthright Armenia's personal growth journey.

Samantha (United States)

Birthright Armenia promotes inclusivity. Samantha, from the US, was initially worried about being accepted due to her different appearance, but her positive experience proves otherwise.

Lori (Canada)
Lori, from Canada, was concerned about reintegrating into Armenian society. Birthright Armenia offers support for this transition, leading to a beautiful and enriching journey, as Lori discovered.

Krikor (Canada)

Krikor, another Canadian participant, worried about being a burden to his host family. Birthright Armenia ensures you feel like a welcomed member, as Krikor learned while becoming an invaluable addition to his host family and community.

Alexander (United States)

Alexander had concerns about qualifications and language skills. Birthright Armenia focuses on personal and professional growth, regardless of your starting point.

These diverse stories from participants who overcame their initial worries and anxieties show that Birthright Armenia is a program that addresses concerns, supports personal growth, and ultimately creates unforgettable experiences.

Don't let your fears hold you back—embrace the opportunity to connect with your Armenian heritage and make a positive impact on the country. Birthright Armenia is a transformative journey waiting for you to embark upon!



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