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Lilit Avagian
Russia 2023 participant
17 May, 2023

Happiness in the moment

3 min read

When I was asked what I would like to talk about in this article, I was confused, because I do not know how to choose just one topic, since there are so many beautiful things that I would like to share...

So I decided to tell you about the most heartwarming and unforgettable excursion with Birthright Armenia - a trip to the Karas winery.


My name is Lilit Avagyan, I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. I spent most of my life surrounded by Russians and being an Armenian raised in a traditional Armenian family, I had a hard time integrating in kindergarten, school, and university... As they say in Russian, friend to foes, foe to friend.

Every time my parents sent me to visit my grandparents in Vanadzor during my childhood, I became more and more aware that Armenia is not only Motherland, it is me.

And finally, I realized what I had dreamt about all my conscious life.


It is already six months that I enjoy my life in my homeland, I understand what it means to be Armenian, and I understand what it means to be happy.

But everything has its pros and cons... I moved alone, leaving my family and friends in Russia. For the first 4 months, it was hard for me to live without people I spent 21 years of my life with. It was hard for me to integrate into Armenian society, no matter how familiar it seemed.

But I found a solution - BIRTHRIGHT ARMENIA.

A place that soon became my home, that became my second family, where I found like-minded people and made new friends. I can confidently say that Birthright divided my life into before and after. I discovered a new side of Armenia and fell in love for the second time.


One Saturday morning we took a tour of the Karas winery. Of course, as a wine lover, I was excited about this trip, as I have always been interested in the art of winemaking.

The trip exceeded all my expectations!

We arrived in a paradise called Armavir. There were hundreds of hectares of vines everywhere. Our guide met us and told us about Karas winery. I will avoid spoilers here, as I want each of you reading this to visit it for yourself.

Of course, we tasted some amazing wines and afterward, we went to the fields.

And that was the moment my dream came true.

Strange as it may seem, I always dreamed to ride in a pickup truck through the fields, enjoying the warm air of Armenia, catching the vibe and feeling happiness in the moment. And this dream came true.

After reaching the workers' trailers, we joined them for lunch. While having lunch with them, I felt an incredibly warm atmosphere that reigned throughout. Of course, it was not without Armenian black coffee, which they treated me to.

If I was asked to draw an image of an Armenian woman, I would definitely choose one of them. It has been said that Armenians are soulful people. So there this word took on a new meaning for me.

The other volunteers and I worked in the fields for about an hour, each one of us was assigned a worker and a lane.

My mentor was a woman named Ruzanna Asatryan from the neighboring village. That hour with her flew by as if in an instant. She told me about her work and life in a very interesting and inspiring way.

I do not have enough words to describe her deep gaze, her thoughtfulness, and her good-naturedness. The most heartwarming moment was when she said: "Hima du unes morqur Armaviric."

We exchanged contacts and kept in touch. I will always cherish in my heart the emotions and love I experienced during this excursion.

I am immensely grateful to Birthright for the opportunity to get to know closer not only Armenia but also its locals. As Sevan says - "Real country, real people".

Each of our excursions was filled with a storm of sincere emotions and warm memories that will stay with me for a lifetime.



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