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Mariana Papazian
Brazil 2021 participant
15 Apr, 2021

Discovering Armenia’s Culture Through the Streets of Yerevan

You might be traveling to Armenia for the first time, without knowing anything about its history, artists, and architecture. Don't worry. In Yerevan's streets, you will realize you have more information than you need to fill the gaps.

Walking through the streets of Yerevan

While you are walking, you will certainly find a statue of someone who was important for the country’s history or for the city’s development, or it's like a memorial or a tribute to a personality.

When you are walking or driving, you will be surprised by the number of banners related to advertising historical and cultural places in Armenia and important people for the country. It's an open-air museum.

Apart from that, you will be able to find interesting pieces from our folk culture, as a mosaic of a carpet and replicas of traditional instruments related to preparing food.

Paintings and sculptures

You will probably be delighted to see the paintings in the "dalans" - the little openings for cars in the soviet buildings that link the main streets with the buildings' backyards and are mostly used by its residents.

It is very common to see high relief sculptures attached to buildings. This showcases the huge abilities that the Armenians have when it comes to carving – besides the numerous khachkars spread all over the city.

On your way to Matenadaran Museum, you will be able to have fun searching for the initial letter of your name. I could keep this going for many days, but I think you understood what’s waiting for you.

Come to Armenia and experience all of this first hand – I promise you that you won’t regret it.

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