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Celeste Merguerian
Argentina participant
04 Jun, 2021

Getting to Know Armenia First Hand

I decided to become a volunteer and came to Armenia as a way to get to know the culture, people, and country as a part of my identity. I didn't go to an Armenian school or clubs in Argentina, so I felt distant, and I didn´t know how to fill the gap, Birthright Armenia was my opportunity. In my case, I participated in the Birthright Lite program that gives me the possibility to volunteer for 4 weeks. Being here was for sure the best decision I´ve made. I had the opportunity to work in two different places, live with a host family, meet local people, and also many diasporan Armenians from all over the world.

Internships in Armenia

One of the most significant experiences in this one-month program was being able to have a 3 days mission with the All For Armenia team, we went to Syunik Province to carry out different missions. As we all know, some regions of Armenia need special support and Syunik is one of them. I joined this team that has been working from the first day of the last war and felt a part of it from the first minute. We were able to visit Goris the women that are starting a sewing mini factory that All For Armenia was able to get up for them, we were also in Kornidzor where I have the possibility to get to know the town, being in the school, and share time with the locals and displaced persons bringing them support and planning future projects to strengthen the region. On the last day, we first went to look for new furniture made by local persons from Goris to take to Tegh where All For Armenia is developing a new tech center.

Language Classes

I arrived in Armenia just knowing very few words in Armenian but that was not an obstacle for me to feel close to people, history, places and feelings. My perception and interpretation of body language with the language classes were perfect for me to be there and be able to connect with what was happening. The hospitality I could find in every person who has been on my journey was something I could never even imagine. I truly feel from the first day, I AM A PART OF THIS COMMUNITY.

I encourage you too to make the decision and come to volunteer in Armenia, there is no age, language or time barrier that the staff and volunteers can´t help you with!


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