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Alishia Nazari
Cyprus participant
11 Aug, 2021

Birthright Armenia Welcomes its First Participant from Cyprus

4 min read

Born in Iran, raised in Cyprus, Alishia Nazari had never been to Armenia before. Then the Artsakh war broke out, and she knew it was now or never. Now eleven weeks into her Birthright experience, she has a permanent job and has repatriated.

We are proud to welcome Alishia Nazari into the Birthright Armenia program as our first-ever volunteer from Cyprus. She arrived with a burning desire to contribute her experience and determination to her motherland. So much so that we had high hopes she would decide to stay to live in Armenia. And now?

Friendship, connection, career development, personal growth, happiness, fulfillment, change and inspiration... We have it all here!

~ Alishia Nazari

After eleven weeks of volunteering, Alishia received a job offer from The Crowdfunding Formula, her volunteer placement, to join their team as a Research Executive. Having majored in International Marketing at ESCE International Business School, this was a perfect match for her. Of course, she accepted the offer to stay in Armenia. Her skills are much-needed in Armenia, and Alishia confesses that there's still so much to take from the little country she calls home. Read Alishia's full interview below.

1. How did you decide to volunteer in Armenia?

Moving to Armenia and volunteering with Birthright Armenia had been on my mind for several years, but I never had the courage to take the initiative because I kept thinking it’s best to stay in Cyprus to build a career, which could contribute to Armenia later. Once the Artsakh war broke out, I knew it was now or never. I thought to myself “it might not be the perfect time to be in Armenia, yet the timing never felt more ideal than now. To be a part of the change, growth and recovery.” I knew what I had to do, and I wasn’t willing to give in to my fears this time around.

2. What have you found here that you did not have in Cyprus?

Like-minded people who have given up their own comfort and stability moved to Armenia to build a better and stronger nation. I am not the odd one out! I can daydream with friends and discuss ways to help improve Armenia as a state. They will ask, “how and where do we start?” It’s truly inspiring.

3. Do you think your peers from Cyprus should come too? Why?

We have it too good in Cyprus. Living our best lives on a beautiful Mediterranean island makes such an idea off-putting. But I urge you to come out of your comfort zone and try it out. Give Armenia a chance and let it surprise you in all possible ways. Whatever you are looking for, can be found in this charming small country: friendship, connection, soul-searching, career development, personal growth, happiness, fulfillment, love, change and inspiration... You name it; we have it all here! You have so much to give and so much to take. This is why you should definitely come to join us and be a part of the change.

This story can be yours too, you just have to apply online and hop on a plane, we take care of the rest!


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