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Travel reimbursement

We understand that volunteering in Armenia can be an inspiring yet sometimes expensive proposition. Our travel reimbursements policy is in place to help offset the financial costs of long term volunteerism in the homeland, and get you on your way to Armenia.

Travel Reimbursement

To be eligible under the Birthright Armenia travel reimbursement policy, the applicant must meet all of the following additional criteria:

9-14 weeks for a 50% travel reimbursement: Participants who complete 9-14 weeks of volunteer service in Armenia will be reimbursed 50% of the agreed travel cost.

14+ week minimum for a 100% travel reimbursement: Participants who complete 14+ weeks of volunteer service in Armenia will be reimbursed 100% of the agreed travel cost.

Summer Months: In the summer months of June, July, and August, participants must complete their volunteer service outside Yerevan if they wish to be eligible under our travel reimbursement policy. If a participant is staying long term and volunteers an additional 14 weeks outside of these summer months (spring or fall), he/she may opt to stay in Yerevan even during the summer. (See exception below)

Participants over the age of 25, and with a minimum two years of experience in the IT sector in a scientific/technology position, can do their service in Yerevan in the IT sector (scientific/technology position) and have travel reimbursement eligibility according to the above criteria but homestay is covered at 50%.

Birthright Lite: Participants who have a full-time job, regardless the age, can volunteer for 4-9 weeks. These participants are not eligible under the Birthright Armenia Travel reimbursement policy. However, Birthright Lite participants may choose to do a second and final participation later for a minimum 9 weeks.

One-time participation per person: There is only one-time participation per person, with or without a travel reimbursement. Repeat participation is not allowed.

Early arrivers: Participants who are already in-country when accepted into the program will be eligible for only half the applicable airfare.

Other requirements: All participants must attend a minimum of 50% of the forums, and a minimum of 50% of the havaks, acquire basic conversational fluency in Armenian, perform a minimum of 30 hours of volunteerism per week, and prepare a 2-page Continuing Involvement Proposal on how they plan to stay engaged in Armenian activities post volunteerism.

After the 18th week of participation, Birthright Armenia starts paying volunteers a monthly allowance to help cover basic living expenses. The monthly stipends start at 20,000 AMD and increase up to 60,0000 AMD.


The following travel reimbursement policies must be followed by all participants:

  • Upon official acceptance into Birthright Armenia, all participants must obtain airline ticket price quotes from the list of preferred travel agents sent to them by Birthright Armenia. Participants may also submit additional quotes from other sources. After reviewing the quotes, Birthright Armenia will give directions and approval to make the final ticket purchase. Tickets bought without prior approval or by other means will not be reimbursed.
  • Birthright Armenia will reimburse the agreed price during the quoting process (city of residence to Yerevan and back). Each geographic region has a maximum cap on ticket prices.
  • Birthright Armenia reimburses only the equivalent roundtrip airfare, and does not reimburse additional costs for itineraries that include extended, optional and additional stopovers.
  • Birthright Armenia does not reimburse for flight insurance or excess baggage costs.
  • In an effort to keep costs down, we require that tickets be booked within 5 days of receiving the welcome letter, and no later than four weeks prior to departure. If there is any increase in the average cost of the ticket due to a less than four week prior purchase, the volunteer will be expected to pay for the difference.
  • All itineraries must be scheduled to include an additional week for orientation, start of internship service, and debrief.
  • Each participant will submit their official itinerary/invoice upon purchasing the ticket. At the end of the volunteerism period, upon completion of all terms and requirements including all the exit paperwork, Birthright Armenia will reimburse the participant within 6-8 weeks via check in US Dollars (USA and Canada residents). All other participants will be reimbursed via wire transfer to a bank account of their choice.
  • Participants who are already in country when accepted into the program will be eligible for only half the applicable roundtrip airfare.
Tanya Sarkissian
United States
All elements of the program helped educate me on the current situation in Armenia and what citizens and diaspora were doing to help advance the country.
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