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Pathway to Armenia

Pathway to Armenia is designed to offer qualified, motivated, and committed alumni the support needed to seriously explore the option of living and working in Armenia full time on a long-term basis (min. one year). The purpose of the program is to support the alumni, alleviating lodging-related burdens while looking into the opportunities, assist during the job search process, and provide a consultation before or after the arrival.

The following services and benefits are offered to qualified applicants

• Orientation to living and working in Armenia

• Short-term housing in Yerevan and Gyumri (maximum three months) in the Birthright apartments

• Support with networking and job placements

• Consultation with experienced staff on issues related to living and working in Armenia

• Computer and internet access in the office to help with job search

What to know


All alumni in good standing with Birthright Armenia and Armenian Volunteer Corps are eligible to apply to the Pathway to Armenia program with the following order of admission priority:

1) Alumni in Armenia who have completed their volunteer service and are actively looking for full-time employment in Armenia with a long-term intention

2) Alumni who are not currently in Armenia but want to return and seek full- time employment in Armenia.

3) Alumni who are not currently in Armenia but have secured employment in Armenia.

If there is a waiting list for an apartment space, alumni using the apartment would be limited to a 30-day stay starting with their first day of employment. Otherwise, alumni may stay up to 3 months.

How to Apply

Application Breakdown

1) Application: Please fill out the application thoroughly, only fully completed applications will be reviewed and considered.

2) Essay: The purpose of the essay is to better understand the type of work you are seeking as well as your long-term goals and motivations. Please write about the type of employment that interests you and describes your personal background and motivations for wanting to live and work in Armenia.

3) References: We require at least two reference letters from people who know you best. One reference should be a member of your community who can speak about your involvement and experience in the community. The other reference should be from either a professor or someone in your professional field, preferably a supervisor, who can address your work ethic and character. Applicants who have been participants of Birthright Armenia/ Depi Hayk within the last 12 months are exempt from the reference requirement.

4) Resume: Your resume will help us understand your background experience and give us a better idea what type of work you will be seeking and where you would best serve.

After completing the application, and attaching all necessary documents email them to [email protected].


Decision Process

The application package must be submitted a minimum of two months prior to arrival to country unless the applicant is a current volunteer in which case the requirement is one month. The completed application package will be reviewed by staff and then sent to the Board of Directors for final review and decision.

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